Saturday, July 21, 2012

Excuse me, I am the wife ( husband)

Was reading about Anita Advani , who lived with Rajesh Khanna for the last ten years. Was not married to him because Rajesh Khanna and Dimple never got divorced officially. Brought to mind the funeral and the days after of Dr. Bhupen Hazarika, where his son and wife and grandson were quick to land and get into the spotlight, as " legal family". This is a ploy most estranged spouses resort to nowadays, when the partner, who they have separated from for years, suddenly passes away. And possible because we live in a place that places utmost importance to " marriage". So what if the husband , who is the blue blooded senior management guy at work, does not think twice about shoving his wife around when he is drunk. Or if the wife is busy with her extra maritals under her husband's nose. Does it matter if the person has been cared for , partnered by someone out of the social marriage vows for years... They are still partners, not husband wife. And therefore, when death strikes its unexpected blow, the 'families' decend in droves in white. Embraced by neighbours and friends and everyone else. Who is at fault here? The people who have not ensured that the " families" have got the message loud and clear in every possible legal way that they have no right over anything and anyone anymore. The society who on one hand wants to move forward, but on the other puts on the garb of once a family, always a family. The law, that takes years and years to close. But there are enough legal steps that are possible. And can be taken. To ensure that the people we trust and believe in today, and mean something to us, continue to have that status long after we are no more. Happy Sunday everyone.

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